Test Automation: how to add REAL value to a project

14th April 2016 in London at CodeNode

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The rapid adoption of Agile methodologies and increasing popularity in the continuous delivery model has amplified the requirement for test automation as part of software application development process. This shift has changed the role of testing in software projects. Testers are now expected to morph into engineers who can code in one form or another, and those that can't have more limited career growth. Most of the time emphasis is placed on the outcome of automation, without following due process on things like test case design, framework architecture and domain modelling to ensure the outcome provides value. Without these things, testing becomes another checklist item in the project.

Edirin's talk will be about how you architect a testing framework to add value to your project, where your expertise can really shape the way a project can assure quality through Agile methods.


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Test Automation: how to add REAL value to a project

Edirin Atumah

Edirin Atumah is an independent software developer in test, with huge interest in the social skills of testers especially communication, designing, creating and refactoring automation framework.