Building scientific experiments with F#

15th April 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Experiment control software presents many interesting challenges: it requires a combination of concurrent communication with several external devices as well as real-time data charting. Computationally demanding signal processing in software is often also needed. F# offers great tools for addressing these challenges with asynchronous workflows, mailbox processor agents and first class events. In this talk, we will discuss the infrastructure that we have built up for developing experiments at the University of Warwick. This enables us to quickly test new ideas whilst building many reusable components along the way.

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Building scientific experiments with F#

Anton Tcholakov

Anton is currently a PhD candidate in physics at the University of Warwick where he has built a custom spectrometer and established the instrument control software techniques shared by several experiments. In April, Anton will begin work as a software engineer at Pico Technology, a company which develops PC-controlled electronic test equipment. In his spare time, he enjoys a diverse range of music and grumbles about politics.