Fixing Real Life Problems From the Ivory Tower

15th April 2016 in London at CodeNode

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F# as a language has a number of features that tend to sound fantastically interesting - but practically useless. Computational expressions, type providers, active patterns, quotations... they're cool. But what are they good for? In this talk we'll whistle through a bunch of real life project solving real life problems in elegant, succinct ways using these "superpowers" of the F# language. Taking examples from open source code that you can dig into later at your leisure, we'll see these features being used to make life easier in ways large and small, some of which you should be able to go home and start making use of straight away.

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Fixing Real Life Problems From the Ivory Tower

Michael Newton

Developer, Architect, Trainer, Consultant; Michael runs @mavnn ltd along with his wife, providing training and consultancy. If it relates to learning about or using anything that relates to .net, functional programming or build/infrastructure tooling we can probably help you.