Performance is a Feature

19th April 2016 in London at CodeNode

There are 2 other SkillsCasts available from London.NET User Group with Matt Warren and Karl Gjertsen

Starting with the premise that "Performance is a Feature", this session will look at how to measure, what to measure and how get the best performance from your .NET code.

We will look at real-world examples from the Roslyn code-base and StackOverflow (the product), including how the .NET Garbage Collector needs to be tamed!


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Performance is a Feature

Matt Warren

Matt Warren is a C# dev who loves nothing more than finding and fixing performance issues. Over the years he's worked with Azure, ASP.NET MVC and WinForms on projects that include a web-site for storing government weather data, medical monitoring devices and an inspection system that ensured kegs of beer didn't leak!