Building a back-end for your front-end

10th May 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Gone are the days when front-end development was about splitting yourself between jQuery and PHP templates. With single page application you are in full control. You have a single code base and can render pages at your will. And best of all, there's no back-end. Your application is easy to build and deploy because it's made of plain static files.

You have to close your eyes to performance issues, though. Rather than retrieving data from a single resource, you need to make a dozen API calls to show a welcome page. Even if you grok Promises, you can't make up for the extra latency.

You also have to load the entire application, only to redirect unauthorised visitors to the login page. That's the price you pay when you don't have server side redirection.

And since you don't serve the application from the back-end anymore, you have to address the nightmare that is CORS. Your code leaks to the infrastructure when you need custom redirect rules and CORS workarounds on NGINX.

Is your client side application still worth the extra effort you have to put in? Of course. Going back to server side rendering sounds like a failure after all you have achieved.

But what if you could have all the benefit of a back-end service while still having a single page application?

Join me in this talk as we address the challenges of single page applications and build a back-end for your front-end.


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Building a back-end for your front-end

Daniele Polencic-DUPLICATE

Daniele is a technical consultant and entrepreneur based in London. He's passionate about solving problems and programming, particularly in Javascript. When he doesn't write code, Daniele advises startups in the London tech scene.