Exploring Domains and Collaborating with Domain Experts

19th June 2009 in London at The Crypt, St James Church Clerkenwell

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Exploration and experimentation are essential in DDD. Rather than stopping the moment we get one useful model, we should look for alternatives that might reveal a deeper insight. In this talk Dan Haywood will show how Naked Objects is being used in a development process that involves the domain experts from the outset.


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Exploring Domains and Collaborating with Domain Experts

Dan Haywood

Dan is a freelance consultant, developer, writer and trainer, specializing in domain-driven design, agile development, enterprise architecture and also REST, on the Java and .NET platforms. Dan is known as an advocate of the naked objects pattern, and is the lead committer to Apache Isis, a Java framework that implements the naked objects pattern. He also works (for a client) on an app that runs on top of Isis, called Estatio. You can find Estatio up on github; it also is open source.