Boundaries In Practice

26th May 2016 in London at CodeNode

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One of the talks that Ayaka enjoyed watching is Boundaries by Gary Bernhardt. If you’ve seen a talk about functional programming in Swift, you’ve probably heard it being referenced. When she first watched the talk a few years ago, she understood the theory but wasn’t sure where exactly to apply the concepts. As she's been writing more and more Swift, she started to see that the concept of “Functional Core, Imperative Shell” applies not just to functional programming, but also to good engineering in general.

In this talk, we’ll go over a couple of specific examples how these “boundaries” can help us write better, safer, and more future-proof Swift code. You don’t need to watch the Boundaries talk to understand this talk, but if you have time, definitely watch it because it’s a great talk.

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Boundaries In Practice

Ayaka Nonaka

Ayaka has been doing iOS development since iOS 4 and loves writing Swift while listening to Taylor Swift. In the past, she’s given talks on NLP in Swift, Swift Scripting, and rewriting the Venmo app in Swift.