Progressing JavaScript and Apps the Web way…

13th July 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Web Development has become much more complicated in the last years. We tried to beat the threat of native development and we got lured into thinking our great hardware and connectivity allows us to not worry about performance. We made the web slow and annoying as it was seemingly impossible to beat native apps with open web technologies. Latest changes in the market and a new set of web technologies allows us now to slim down and deliver experiences for our users native environments can not match. In this talk Chris Heilmann of Microsoft shows you how you can be part of this takeover and what it means for our already existing projects.


Progressing JavaScript and Apps the Web way…

Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann is a geek and hacker by heart. He’s been a professional web developer for about eleven years and worked his way through several agencies up to Yahoo where he delivered Yahoo Maps Europe and Yahoo Answers.