There Still be Dragons in the New JavaScript

13th July 2016 in London at CodeNode

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After two years of using ECMAScript 2015 features in live applications, Scott has come to recognize a few areas that developers can find confusing. There are also features with the potential to hurt the maintainability of the code for other developers, and degrade the performance of the application at runtime. In this session you'll explore features like string templates, arrow functions, promises and modules in a different light.


There Still be Dragons in the New JavaScript

Scott Allen

K. Scott Allen is the founder of OdeToCode. Scott has over 20 years of commercial software development experience across a wide range of technologies. He has delivered software products for embedded devices, Windows desktop, web, and mobile platforms. As a popular trainer and speaker, Scott is known for delivering quality content on Pluralsight.com as well as using his unique teaching abilities in classrooms around the world.