Mastering reuse: A journey into application modularization with VIPER

26th May 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Mobile apps development requires a great amount of time and dedication, and getting your product to market quickly with high quality is a key factor for success in today's business. The effective reuse of application functionalities plays a very strategic role to reduce time and costs, especially when building multiple apps for similar business domains. In this talk, Nicola will walk you through the engineering journey to application modularization, investigating the VIPER architecture and the role of dependency injector containers, delineating the rules of reusability to get to the definition of the (B)VIPER Module: the reusable building block of your new apps. Finally, he will be sharing with you some stats results of building apps with (B)VIPER Modules.

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Mastering reuse: A journey into application modularization with VIPER

Nicola Zaghini

Nicola Zaghini is a software architect at Mobile Travel Technologies. He has been developing mobile apps since the first iOS SDK was released, from indie game development to major airlines and travel companies. Prior to that, he enjoyed Java development as professional and researcher in academia. He is currently in charge of mobile architecture in MTT and helps teams deliver amazing apps.