A story of Burnout

26th May 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Abizer never thought it would happen to him - but he faced developer burnout. In this short, personal, talk he would like to talk about what it feels like and some ways of recognising it before it gets to bad, dealing with it when it strikes and possible ways of preventing it altogether. I think this is something that isn't mentioned much in the community, and he hopes this will generate some coffee time discussions among attendees.


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A story of Burnout

Abizer Nasir

Abizer Nasir is a freelance iOS / OS X developer who has been working full-time in Swift for over a year. He has spoken on a variety of subjects related to Objective-C and Swift development at iOSCon, NSLondon, Swift London, Swift Summit and AltConf. He organises NSCoder Night London.