Turbo Charge your F# with Azure

15th April 2016 in London at CodeNode

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F# is a great fit not only for general purpose programming but also for the cloud. In this fast paced session, we’ll cover how we can harness the power of both of these to develop compelling applications that are more than the sum of their parts. You’ll see techniques for building reliable, maintainable and scalable systems through simple paradigms and readily-available services, learn some of the core principles of developing on the cloud and how we can remove many cross cutting and infrastructural concerns for our applications, allowing us to focus on delivering business value. Finally, we’ll look at a real end-to-end example of developing, provisioning, and deploying a purely F# web application into the cloud, seeing how you can continue with your standard development workflow yet take advantage of Azure for hosting and managing our applications with the minimum of effort.

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Turbo Charge your F# with Azure

Isaac Abraham

Isaac Abraham is an F# MVP and a .NET developer since .NET 1.0 with an interest in cloud computing and distributed data problems. He nowadays lives in both the UK and Germany, and is the director of Compositional IT. He specializes in consultancy, training and development, helping customers adopt high-quality, functional-first solutions on the .NET platform.