Throw away your firewalls and make your applications more secure

8th June 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Count the number of data breaches in 2015 and it's clear that enterprise security is splitting at the seams. The old model of trying to secure large applications using firewall appliances between each application “tier” just isn't working.

As we move into the cloud-native era and break applications into smaller more easily understandable micro-services, there is a huge opportunity to revolutionize security by rendering developer intent directly into the network fabric to create networks that are more secure and more dynamic than ever before.

Ed will discuss how evolving micro-services architectures allow you to throw away your traditional firewalls, and, using technologies such as Project Calico transition data center networks from statically configured, application-specific monoliths to highly dynamic, scalable, and secure systems.


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Throw away your firewalls and make your applications more secure

Ed Harrison

Ed Harrison has worked in the communications software industry for nearly 20 years, most recently as an “evangelist” on Project Calico. He can often be found at container meetups in London and beyond, and often presents on the subject of scalable, secure networks. Many years ago, he received a Computer Science degree from the University of St. Andrews but that really was the distant and very dim past. He lives in North London with a wife, two daughters and two cats (neither of which are Calico).