Market Perceptions About Container Orchestration

8th June 2016 in London at CodeNode

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The New Stack will present survey results about market perceptions of container orchestration. The battle between container orchestration platforms will be examined based on user plans as well as what is actually being used for service discovery, scheduling and cluster management. In addition, data will show what people find most important when evaluating a container orchestration or management platform.

Learn more about the survey here.


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Market Perceptions About Container Orchestration

Lawrence Hecht

Lawrence Hecht has been producing research reports about information technology markets for the last fifteen years. Most recently, Lawrence managed “voice of the customer” surveys for the 451 Research and TheInfoPro about enterprise IT B2B markets such as Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Information Security. In 1999, he created the Internet Public Policy Network (IPPN), a network of subject-matter experts that provided customer research, white papers and advice about technology-related public policy issues. Lawrence works with writers to identify data to develop actionable insights based on primary and secondary research. He is currently using these skills to create content for thought leadership and peer evangelism programs. Lawrence earned a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University and Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University.