Reconstructing the web with Polymer

13th July 2016 in London at CodeNode

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The world of web is screwed up in a big way - huge chunks of HTML copy pasted everywhere, libraries conflicting with each other and messing up styling etc. The final choice of who wins in this war of libraries and pasted HTML ultimately depends on one thing - does it get the work done? But the core question everyone needs to ask is - why does it need to be so difficult?

Polymer project was introduced with one thing in mind - making reusable components that just work out of the box without too much hassle. And that they work the same way irrespective of where they are. It tackles this problem by allowing you to create complex UI widgets which are extensible as well. This revolution is powered by a new set of standards being pioneered by Google called “Web Components”.

This session will guide you through the pain areas in front-end web development and introduce everyone to the world of Polymer. You’ll take a quick look at how to create and use custom/pre-built web components, the mystery of shadow DOM and all the hoopla surrounding Polymer.


Reconstructing the web with Polymer

Komal Jain

Komal is a senior software developer at TO THE NEW, a leading technology company. She has been a part of fast-paced teams involved in delivering customised solutions around the world. She has considerable experience on NodeJS, AngularJS, Polymer, Java, Groovy, MongoDB etc. A fun loving person who loves to travel and shop like crazy!