13th July 2016 in London at CodeNode

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JavaScript has long reigned in the frontend, and in the past few years has taken the backend by storm. The time has come to start courting the sysadmin realm, which the community has conceded for too long to Java (Maven, Jenkins), Python (Ansible, Fabric), Ruby (Puppet, Chef) and now Go (Kubernetes or Docker). New tools like StriderCD and ShipIt are poised to bring JavaScript to its proper place in the DevOps community.

In this talk Alex will present the real-world experience they had at MediaSmart building their own DevOps tools using Node.js, and then adopting emerging packages like StriderCD or ShipIt. Along the way they have orchestrated tens of servers, built their own traffic balancer to handle 300+ thousand requests per second, monitored their systems at several levels, built several continuous deployment systems, and automated all of their Amazon AWS infrastructure.

You will also explore the limits of Node.js and JavaScript, and where the MediaSmart team has had to resort to different languages and platforms.


FullStack DevOps

Alex Fernández

Alex Fernandez is a Spanish software engineer with almost 20 years of experience. Currently working as a senior developer at MediaSmart and freelance scalability consultant. Shameless tinkerer since forever, he was seduced by Node.js a few years ago, and now eats thousands of requests per second for breakfast.