JSON Schema: More than just data validation

13th July 2016 in London at CodeNode

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JSON Schema is a powerful tool for validating deep, complex data structures and is a godsend for those of you who miss the most comprehensive solutions some of the more mature languages had to this problem.

In this talk you'll discover that with JSON Schema, and a good validator library, you can do so much more. Automatic form generation, recursive data transformation, data generation and basically any other operations you would like to do over a deeply nested data structure. You can even do business process automation with schemas.

In the talk Jason will kick off with an introduction into some of the concepts involved before exploring 2-3 unexpected but useful examples of JSON Schema use.


JSON Schema: More than just data validation

Jason Green

Jason's passion for the digital world has taken him across the entire spectrum of the creative process, from conceptualisation to implementation. Jason is now a Team Lead at the MailOnline and is primarily responsible for the bespoke CMS that drives the content of the world's most visited english speaking, online newspaper. Apart from being engaged in all stages of the development of the mission critical application, Jason is also the co-author of Milojs, the home-grown, reactive javascript framework on which it is built.