Refactoring towards testable code and happier developers

17th May 2016 in London at CodeNode

There are 1 other SkillsCast available from Refactoring towards testable code and Developing code against cyber attacks

Having well maintained code makes it easier to find bugs, add features, bring new developers onto a team, solve performance issues and makes developers happy!

David will take you through a practical guide on how to do this with your codebase.

He will start at the beginning then get more detailed covering: formatting, commenting, zombie code, naming, refactoring tools, method lengths, commands/queries, complexity, conditional logic, composition/inheritance, duplication and responsibility.


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Refactoring towards testable code and happier developers

Dave Mateer

Dave lives near Brighton and by day he works on large financial internal systems. Dave gets up at 5:30 most days to work on side projects because he loves to code :-) He then plays with his 17 month old daughter, usually listening to ABBA. Then mountain bikes to work dreaming of music and code…