Hyper_: Build a Distributed Docker Daemon

8th June 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Both developers and operators view docker favorably, because it is suppose to make things easier. However, there is still effort required to manage the virtual infrastructure and machines in a distributed environment. Hyper_ provides a new container environment, where the users can launch containers on an “infinite” daemon.

There are several challenges in building a distributed docker daemon for multi-tenant usage, e.g. container isolation and network isolation between tenants, which the Hyper_ container technology combined with SDN has solved. Another challenge is storage, with a distributed docker daemon, the user's container may stop and start anytime, and may be scheduled to different physical hosts. Therefore, you must have a distributed storage engine for containers and images. In Hyper_, they built a multi-tenant and distributed graph engine for images and container rootfs based on Ceph, through which they can launch a container anywhere in the cloud.


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Hyper_: Build a Distributed Docker Daemon

Xu Wang

Xu Wang is CTO and Cofounder of Hyper_. Prior to Hyper_, Xu served as the chief architect for China Mobile BigCloud, where he lead the kernel, distributed storage, and big data product lines. Xu has over 10 years of experiences in Debian, Linux kernel, Virtualization, Distributed Filesystem and NoSQL databases. He holds a PhD degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecom (BUPT).