13th July 2016 in London at CodeNode

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You’ve chosen React to build your web app, and added in Redux to create your store. But now you’re staring down the barrel of your project, realising that you need to optimise for millions of users and search-engine robots. Is your flashbang new stack up to the challenge? How will you handle authentication and session management in an isomorphic app? Can you ensure immutability? Will Redux rise above it all, or crumble in the face of the humble scroll event?

These are all questions we faced while building a new mobile e-commerce experience for a global audience. With each sprint came new decisions to be made, new learnings about what approaches work, and new discoveries about which libraries wreck havoc with everything in their path. Wading through the gotchas and facing an immovable deadline, we answered the question - will Redux scale?

Join us for session exploring the ins and outs of Redux at scale, and discover how you could implement it in your own next project.


​Redux: Try this for size

Rajiv Bose

Rajiv Bose is a Software Engineer at Arcadia Group where he contributes to the development of the new mobile WebApp. Before that Rajiv was CTO for a small Birmingham based start-up, iWazat. Open Source development is intrinsic to Rajiv's core values and he is delighted to have the opportunity to speak at FullStack '16.

Eric Juta

At only 21, Eric Juta has already contributed to the marketing, education, music and fashion industries through his work at Spotify, RefME, Red Badger, Shazam and now Arcadia Group. His work spans numerous technologies, including helping to code the 3D Force Touch quick launch actions on the iPhone 6S+ without actually having a device to test it on! Outside of work, he teaches at CodeAtUni, the initiative for non-Computer Science students to learn web development in an intensive course.

Julia Mitchelmore

Recently imported from Australia, Julia Mitchelmore has come a long way from writing her first line of HTML at age 10. Since joining the Arcadia team as a Software Engineer she has experienced her fair share of Redux-induced meltdowns and eurekas. A lover of SVG animations, developer equality and new-line brackets she has presented and given workshops in Sydney and Melbourne for organisations such as General Assembly, Web Directions and The Dream Collective.