Is your container's IP real? From underlay to overlay networks

8th June 2016 in London at CodeNode

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We are witnessing a massive adoption of container-based virtualisation. As with any major change in computing infrastructure, this poses a new challenges for adoption. One of these challenges is networking containers in a scalable, secure, and 'management-less' way.

In this presentation you will discover existing underlay and overlay network technologies and try to evaluate their suitability for making containers talk to each other. As an outcome of this session, you will have learnt about the benefits and respective trade-offs when using these technologies in the context of containers running at scale.

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Is your container's IP real? From underlay to overlay networks

Martynas Pumputis

Martynas works as a Software Engineer at Weaveworks. He is a recent graduate of ETH Zurich, who spends the majority of his time programming systems. When he is not hacking, most likely you can find him climbing the rock.