Refactoring a monolith with rails engines

13th June 2016 in London at CodeNode

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In this talk, Tom will share the problems they faced in an early stage startup.

12 months ago they were facing a number of problems familiar in an early stage startup:

  • a monolithic codebase that had accumulated a lot of technical debt

  • a requirement to handle complex business processes that were changing quickly as the business scaled

  • a growing development team struggling to enable new hires to be effective quickly

They initially considered moving to a micro-service architecture but eventually settled on using rails engines to refactor their monolith, allowing them to make immediate gains in productivity whilst avoiding the operational complexity of a distributed system. The talk will cover the approach they are taking in this (ongoing) refactor, the rules they found were needed to play by, and the lessons they learnt along the way.


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Refactoring a monolith with rails engines

Tom Close

Tom is the Lead Developer at Zesty, developing systems to manage the logistics of ordering and delivering catered meals at scale. Before that he did a phd in quantum computing but is a lot happier now he gets to design software all day. He also likes swimming, living in Oxford and the commuting to San Francisco.