A reflection on types - Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research

6th October 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Static type systems are wonderful, but they have their limits, and then you reach for dynamic type and run-time type checks. Haskell has had dynamic types for ages, in the form of the Typeable class, but recent developments has made it feasible to support type-indexed type run-time type representations. That in turn makes it possible to support dynamic typing as an ordinary Haskell library, using a very small, sharply-focused language extension. It turns out that doing this really pushes the envelope on what is possible with static type systems. Not only do you need higher kinds, kind polymorphism, and GADTs, but also kind equalities, and even heterogeneous kind equalities! It’ll be fun. And it’s all in GHC 8.0.


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A reflection on types - Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research

Simon Peyton Jones

Simon Peyton Jones, MA, MBCS, CEng, graduated from Trinity College Cambridge in 1980. Simon was a key contributor to the design of the now-standard functional language Haskell, and is the lead designer of the widely-used Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC). He has written two textbooks about the implementation of functional languages.