Visions for collaboration, competition, and interop in Scala

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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As Scala waxes in popularity, we are seeing more and more demand for high-quality libraries come from the community. Many of us are wary of transitive dependencies and also worried about building monolithic libraries and frameworks. Simultaneously, you may fear that it's too hard for newcomers to get started in Scala, and too confusing for people to find existing libraries. What should you do? This talk will explore the challenges of designing and depending on Scala libraries, and also the trade-offs inherent in standardization. You will learn what we might want, where we could go, and how we would get there.

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Visions for collaboration, competition, and interop in Scala

Erik Osheim

Erik Osheim is one of the founders of Typelevel, and maintains several Scala libraries including Cats, Spire, and others. He hacks Scala for a living at Stripe, and is committed to having his cake and eating it too when it comes to functional programming. Besides programming he spends time playing music, drinking tea, and cycling around Providence, Rhode Island.