Scala: 2016 retrospective & resolutions for 2017

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Traditionally, year's end is for composing lists of the best songs, movies and books released that year. Let's reflect on Scala's 2016 with some lists of our own! We'll kick it off with what's new in Scala 2.12, of course, and how it compares to Java 8's recent additions to the language and platform. Winter days are great for philosophizing, so lets retire to the library and muse on what functional programming means to you and me, pragmatic programmers. I aspire to make Scala a joy for you to use, and my wish list for Scala is driven by this desire to make more programmers more productive with Scala.

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Scala: 2016 retrospective & resolutions for 2017

Adriaan Moors

Adriaan leads the Scala compiler team at Lightbend. My team's mission is to make Scala the most fun and productive language you've ever worked with, by providing a flexible set of simple constructs that let you build scalable and maintainable solutions for complex problems (and have fun doing so).