Really Important Things about the Business of Technology

27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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This may be the most important keynote you will attend at this time during the conference. The things you will learn during this hour will far surpass anything you could have learned at other sessions. Some may argue that this is because there are no other sessions offered at this time, but many believe as I do, that the most important place for you to be is in this room, and the most important place for me to be is on the stage, speaking to you. Where would I be if you weren't there? Still on stage. But where would you be? I don't know; nobody told me.

With so much important content to cover, it's impossible to describe it within the confines of such a tiny abstract, especially since I'm not being paid to write it. Suffice it to say that it will be ground-breaking, mind-blowing, and paycheck-boosting, and that few will regret, nor many remember, what we did there that day (arguably because of what happened in the pub later).


Really Important Things about the Business of Technology

Chet Haase

Chet is the lead of the Android UI Toolkit team at Google, where he works on animations, graphics, and performance. He also writes technical articles, writes and performs comedy, and gives presentations at developer conferences like Droidcon London 2015.