7 Ways to improve your Gradle build

27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Using Android Studio and the Gradle build system has become part of the daily life of an Android Developer. Very often the build configuration is given very little thought during the course of the project.

This presentation explores 7 simple ways to improve the development chain. To start, Tania will outline the advantages of tailoring the build environment to your own needs. Through real life examples you will explore how and why you should improve project builds so that you can focus on important things like delivering value to the customers. Lastly Tania will share how it's possible to manage the app’s name and version according to the build types, how to automate tasks by creating your own custom Gradle scripts and how to protect the build’s sensitive data.


7 Ways to improve your Gradle build

Tania Pinheiro

Tania is the Lead Android Engineer at FIFA TMS, on the GPX team, an exclusive networking tool for football professionals.