Optimising The Performance Of VectorDrawables

27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Support for SVG finally arrived to Android in the form of vector drawables. You have replaced (or you are planning to replace) absolutely all your PNGs with VectorDrawables and your APK is smaller. Hurrah!

But now your app feels slower, the render time of your views has increased and you don’t know why!

In this talk, Florina will describe how vector drawables work and how they are rendered. Florina will share with you how big the difference in render time can be between vector drawables and PNGs for drawing areas bigger than 200x200dp and how to improve this. Finally, she will prove that having multiple resources for the same vector drawable is actually beneficial for performance.


Optimising The Performance Of VectorDrawables

Florina Muntenescu

Florina is working as an Android Developer Advocate at Google, helping developers architect clean, testable apps using the Architecture Components libraries. She has been working with Android for 8 years, previous work covering news at upday, payment solutions at payleven and navigation services at Garmin.