27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Java 8 features have finally made their way to the Android world and if you haven't been trying them, you are missing out. This talk is all about getting you up to speed on all of these new features and how to use them. It will be a great primer if you've never looked into them or a refresher if it's been a while.

Alex will deep dive into the features that you can start using right away in your project, like lambda expressions and method references, with real world Android specific examples.

He will also explore other Java 8 features like streams and default methods. While currently the support for the latter is more restricted (only from Nougat onwards), these are really powerful features that you will want to master.

Of course, Alex will also go over what you need to do in your project configuration to support Java 8 features and what are some of the issues you may need to be aware of.


Java 8 on Android

Alex Florescu

Alex is the Mobile Engineering Lead at YPlan, calling out of London, UK. He was previously the Android lead for Yahoo Fantasy Football and before that spent some time doing back-end Java development at Yahoo and full-stack development at Goldman Sachs.