Scaling Android @Facebook

27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Before Marco and Balasz both joined Facebook, they would read all these absurd news and stories about Android development at Facebook. Crazy, unnecessary, overcomplicated hacks everywhere... they knew better... well... with an inside perspective it turns out they are not so crazy after all (for the most part at least).

Facebook engineering is all about scale. Marco and Balasz will introduce you to their development processes and sometime unintuitive or unorthodox technical solutions to cope with their unique scale of users, engineers and codebase.


Scaling Android @Facebook

Balazs Balazs

Balazs is an Engineering Manager at Facebook working with images on Android and with the Fresco library among other things. He was developing mobile apps with ten different startups. He was involved in building an Android phone, a launcher, Editor's Choice apps like Hailo and Beamly. His passion is high quality and performant apps.

Marco Cova

Extremely passionate android dev. He has worked with different companies all in the “Social” space until he joined Facebook. He was part of Creative Labs where he developed and released the Facebook app “Riff”. Since almost two years he's been working on the Native UI Frameworks team that recently release the Litho framework.