Meet Hadrian: a new build system for GHC

6th October 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Most build systems start small and simple, but over time grow into hairy monsters that few dare to touch. Our favourite Glasgow Haskell Compiler is no exception. In this talk, you will learn that there are a few issues that cause build systems major scalability challenges, and many pervasively used build systems (e.g. Make) do not scale well. You will use functional programming to design abstractions for build systems and overcome these challenges. You will explore a new build system for GHC, called Hadrian, that we engineered using these abstractions. The result is more scalable, faster, and spectacularly more maintainable than its Make-based predecessor.


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Meet Hadrian: a new build system for GHC

Andrey Mokhov

Andrey Mokhov is a Lecturer in Computer Engineering at Newcastle University, UK. He is interested in applying formal methods and functional programming to hardware design, with particular focus on asynchronous circuits. In 2015 he was a visiting researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge redesigning the build system of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler.