6th October 2016 in London at CodeNode

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In this talk, you will discover that broad language interoperability is crucial for Haskell's success in not entirely insignificant niches such as the enterprise. And that performance of language binding mechanisms is the key to retaining good modularity. Hot on the heals of previous efforts such as inline-c and inline-r, you will learn inline-java and explore how the library enables you to ask existing JVM-based frameworks to seamlessly distribute your analytics Haskell apps at scale on dozens of machines in the cloud.


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Haskell meets Java

Mathieu Boespflug

Mathieu Boespflug is a functional programmer and enthusiast based in Paris. He is the founder of Tweag I/O, an R&D Lab pushing the practice of programming language theory and distributed systems. Some time before that, after having learned Haskell from the venerable old and new guard at the University of York, he wrote Haskell and Ocaml at various academic institutions, focusing on compiler technologies for dependent types during his PhD (École Polytechnique, France) and type safe metaprogramming for both proofs and programs during his postdoc (McGill, Canada).