Haskell programs: how do they run?

6th October 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Haskell is a lazy language and thus differs from most other widely used languages. The way that Haskell programs are executed can be obscure to newcomers and old hands alike. It's not actually too hard to understand how Haskell programs are executed, but it is rather unusual! This talk will demystify lazy evaluation and help explain related issues such as performance and space leaks. The talk will be accessible to beginners but should be interesting to Haskellers at any point on the experience spectrum!


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Haskell programs: how do they run?

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis studied computer science and mathematics at the University of Cambridge, graduating with a PhD. Since then he has worked as a software developer in the finance sector, mainly as a consultant using Haskell. He is the author of the Haskell "Opaleye" library for type-safe, composable Postgres access, and is an experienced public speaker.