Resource Oriented Microservices

7th November 2016 in London at CodeNode

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From an engineering and operations perspective breaking down systems into microservices is a win - all you have to do is spin up containers.

But what about when the complexity of the business system isn't simple? What about systems where we need to aggregate and combine services to deliver useful business functions that cut across more than one simple service? Event-driven, push-based message passing is often a fundamentally flawed architecture for complex business problems.

In this talk you will discover a resource-oriented view of microservices. Peter will share the trade offs between push and pull architectures. You will explore what lessons the Web's resource oriented architecture offers for complex composite services. Peter will also share how the choice of data format has a profound influence on the composability of microservice solutions.


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Resource Oriented Microservices

Peter Rodgers

Peter Rodgers is the architect of NetKernel and the father of Resource Oriented Computing.