Graphics, sound, fonts, and joysticks unleashed: the Junpi multimedia library

6th October 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Junpi is a new free / open-source, high-performance multimedia library for Haskell, whose design is strongly guided by the development needs of real commercial games. At the heart of Junpi's design philosophy is 'instant-feedback': you change your code and see the results instantly, without having to wait e.g. for an SDL/OpenGL window to re-initialize. Junpi balances ease-of-use with flexibility and power by providing a high-level 'safe' API in addition to a lower-level DSL for customizing and extending its backend engine.

In this talk, you will learn from a hands-on demo of Junpi, and you will explore how Junpi improves over existing tools such as Gloss. You will also discover some of the challenges faced in designing and implementing Junpi, and how Haskell came to the rescue by functioning equally well as a high-level and as a low-level language.

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Graphics, sound, fonts, and joysticks unleashed: the Junpi multimedia library

Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson founded the company Fivey Software in 2015 with the following dual mission: to create commercial video games in Haskell, and to develop high-quality free / open-source game-making tools for the Haskell language. Fivey Software's first game is scheduled for release on Raspberry Pi and PC in 2017.