Optimizing apps built for Next Billion user

27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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More users are unable to make it through the day on one full charge on their device and have to rely on their battery packs. Battery consumption, which is a side effect of sub optimal usage of resources, is quickly becoming one of the main reasons why applications are being uninstalled by users.

In developing nations where the next billions user are, things like network conditions and types of devices available are quite different when compared to developed nations. One has to factor in aggressive optimization techniques to ensure that consumption of resources is kept low.

In this talk Amrit will share with you some of the optimizations that you can do to your apps to perform better in NBU regions and provide delightful experiences to your users.


Optimizing apps built for Next Billion user

Amrit Sanjeev

Developer Advocate at Google. Former program manager for Dev Agencies, GDG & GDE programs at Google. First Android GDE from South East Asia. Organizer of GDG Blrdroid (Largest developer community in India).