App Garage - Design Clinic

27th October 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Skills Matter has partnered with Novoda to organise the App Garage - Design Clinic at droidcon London 2016!

The App Garage - Design Clinic will take place on the upstairs Balcony in the afternoon of day 1 Thursday 27th October from 3.30pm to 5pm.

Come and have your app's UX reviewed by a team of designers and developers including lead members of the Android community and Google Developer Experts. They will be able to give you some suggestions on how to improve your existing app, making your users happier.

Our panel of designers will be able to help you with all the questions you might have with that app design you're working on, or maybe that nagging question that your redesign efforts brought up but you really want to hear some other expert's opinion on.

Submit your app here.

And if you want to take part into the contest Novoda and Skills Matter have set up for you, keep reading below!

Best use of Motion in Material Design apps

We believe motion brings an app to life, and creates a compelling, enjoyable user experience. It can make the difference between a good or a great design in your app.

We are looking for the work you are most proud of, that extra attention to detail that creates the highest quality experience for your users using motion.

What are you waiting for? Show us your moves!

Judging Criteria

We like to see motion. Most of all, we like to see motion that is purposeful, enjoyable, playful and delightful. We love seeing motion as a supplemental way to streamline user experiences. We love smooth animations that consistently hit 60 fps.

We'd really appreciate if you submitted a video of the entry for use in a showcase video (but it's not mandatory!).


• The motion design MUST be implemented in a mobile app that conforms to Material Design guidelines

• The app MUST run on phone, tablet, TV or other Android-powered devices

• You MUST be an employee of the company, or the developer/designer of, the app you're submitting

• You MUST have a valid droidcon ticket and be attending the closing ceremony (when prizes will be awarded)

• The entry MUST be original work. Its implementation MUST be published on the Play Store or other app stores that are publicly listing the app (Amazon, etc)

• ONE entry per person

• By submitting your entry you grant Novoda and Skills Matter the right to use all the submitted informations and material for promoting the contest and its winners

• Entries MUST be submitted by October 17th, 23:59:59.999 UK time

Excited? Enter your app here.

IMPORTANT - During the App Garage - Design Clinic, our panel of experts will review and analyse apps you've submitted through BOTH forms. We're hoping there will be time to review your app if you have not had the chance to submit it online, however please note we're unable to guarantee this will be possible.


App Garage - Design Clinic

Sebastiano Poggi

Sebastiano Poggi is an Android Software Craftsman at Novoda in London. A self-taught and strong OSS believer who loves beautiful and simple UX and UI, where “less is more”, Sebastiano spends a big chunk of his spare time reading and writing about Android development. He also creates and maintains some FOSS apps and libraries, that span from the fun, smaller projects to the more serious (and, perhaps, useful) work. Sebastiano worked for some time in AKQA as a Senior Software Engineer. Before moving to London, he also worked at i’m Spa (an Italian smartwatch startup) for two years, playing with the Android platform and handling their Developer Relations. He’s been toying with the Android SDK since 2010.