Functional Stream-Processing Systems based on Kafka on Scalaz-Streams - Advanced

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Sphonic provides a number of fraud prevention services, both transaction-based (credit card applications, identity verification) and case-based (anti money laundering, analytics). After a number of iterations we have arrived at a simple and well-functioning architecture, a "sweet spot" of libraries and best practices centered around Apache Kafka and the scalaz-stream library. In this talk, you will learn from Jann's experience and discover some tips for functional stream processing in Scala. You will explore two use cases in detail - workflows and data aggregation, with code samples and a discussion of the pros and cons of each solution.

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Functional Stream-Processing Systems based on Kafka on Scalaz-Streams - Advanced

Jann Mueller

Jann is a computer scientist and programmer. He is a Ph.D. candidate at University College London, where he publishes on Artificial Intelligence. He is currently working for Sphonic, a London-based startup, developing smart tools to fight fraud. Prior to that, Jann was at SAP Research where he thought up new techniques for handling inconsistencies in design documentation. He is a passionate advocate of functional programming, whether it is in Scala at work or in Haskell and Agda at home.