JsonPath: Type safe query DSL using optics - Advanced

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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JSON is a very common serialisation format used to transfer or store data. Most JSON libraries offer an API to manipulate JSON documents but it often involves mutation and/or lack type safety. Argonaut and Circe - two major JSON scala libraries - recently got a new DSL which focus on clarity and concision as well as type safety and immutability.

In this talk, you will discover the usage of optics (Lens, Prism, Traversal) to create JsonPath and the techniques to generate an elegant type safe DSL in Scala. You will also explore a variety of use cases which will help you to use this feature in your codebase.

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JsonPath: Type safe query DSL using optics - Advanced

Julien Truffaut

Julien is the author of Monocle, a lens/optics library in scala and a contributor to various functional libraries such as scalaz, cats or argonaut.