The Essence of Functional Structures - Advanced

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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In this talk, you will get a practical overview of various functional structures that allows building powerful, highly-composable and purely-functional abstractions. The primary goal of this session is to delve into these structures and gain insight on applying them in solving real-world problems.

From scratch, you will learn to construct the Scala type classes to represent these structures. Starting with basic constructs such as Semigroups and Monoids, you will continue exploring structures such as Functors, Applicative Functors, Monads and finally, Monad Transformers. Alongside, from the practical point of view, you will discover the essence of these structures in encoding purely functional programs that are robust, comprehensible and correct-by-construction.

No prior knowledge of functional programming is assumed in this talk.

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The Essence of Functional Structures - Advanced

Adil Akhter

Adil is a Lead Engineer at ING in Amsterdam. He is a functional programmer and is primarily hacking with Scala, Haskell and F#. He has been building distributed and data-driven software systems with Scala since 2010 for companies such as TomTom, SDL, Wehkamp, etc. In spare time, he spends time on Cats, FS2 and Idris. Also, he organizes different programming meetups and gives talks time-to-time.