Practical Eff monad for microservices - Advanced

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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"These crazy FP concepts are very interesting but how do I apply them to my job at XYZ?" Indeed, it is one thing to learn what a "catamorphism" or a "natural transformation" is, and another one to use it in our daily programming. In this talk you will learn how to decompose a REST microservice into several components: authentication, request to other services and database access. Then we will use the Eff monad to precisely define the interface of these components and support additional concerns like logging or asynchronous execution. Once you get the basic idea, the possibilities are endless! Rate limiting is just another component and another set of effects involving time and state. And testing is so much easier: no execution context or mocks!

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Practical Eff monad for microservices - Advanced

Eric Torreborre

Eric is a Scala developer working for Zalando in Berlin. He is the author of the specs2 library and passionate about functional programming.