Risking Everything with Akka Streams - Intermediate

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Zalando is moving the calculation of product availability from monolith "Jimmy" to the new platform architecture.

As this architecture is event-driven, Joachim and his team decided on using Akka Streams for this task back in June (you can read more about this decision here ).

But what has happened since then? During this talk, you will explore an experience report about the learnings of the team: about hopes, regrets and best practices. On the way, you will discover the architecture of our component, how you interact with the other microservices around you, and how you can deploy and monitor.


Risking Everything with Akka Streams - Intermediate

Joachim Hofer

Joachim Hofer is a backend engineer at Zalando Tech. When he finished studying Computer Science, the abyss that is Enterprise Java swallowed him whole. Thanks to Scala, he has ascended again as an author of SBT Plugins, and now writes and blogs about Scala in addition to contributing to Open Source.