6th October 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Thanks to recent work by Bas and Roel van Dijk at Lumiguide, it is now possible and easy to use OpenCV from Haskell. In this talk, you will discover how Haskell lets us define a typed and ergonomic API on top of the OpenCV types and functions, and how easy it is to define new bindings -- also thanks to the inline-c library presented at last year Haskell eXchange. Following this, you will explore the full capabilities of the bindings through a live coding demo showing how you can process input from a webcam in real time.


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Haskell and OpenCV: theory and practice

Francesco Mazzoli

Francesco Mazzoli is a Haskell programmer working at FPComplete from Rome. Before that, he has dropped out of a PhD working on Agda, worked with Haskell at Better, and spent almost a year working at RabbitMQ. He studied Computer Science at Imperial College London.