Introduction to ScalaCheck - Beginner

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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ScalaCheck is an fantastically powerful library, providing a completely different dimension to approach testing APIs and functionality. But ScalaCheck is not a drop-in replacement for other unit testing libraries such as Specs2, ScalaTest or even JUnit - it needs a completely different philosophy, pattern of thinking and approach to get the most value.

You will be introduced to ScalaCheck, and learn how to write some simple property-based tests and how to interact with ScalaCheck on the REPL. But we will also go much further to help build a way of thinking about properties, rather than individual test cases. You will explore a problem with some simple requirements and build a nice suite of tests to help you understand the best parts of the library.

The goal will be to get better test coverage than the unit testing libraries with fewer lines of test code written!

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Introduction to ScalaCheck - Beginner

Noel Markham

Noel started out as a Java developer in finance before moving to functional programming in startups for both games and social media. More recently, he has worked in broadcast media.