Typelevel Scala Rebooted - Beginner

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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The Typelevel fork of the Scala compiler has been reinvogorated by the recent community fix for SI-2712, a long-standing problem of type inference for projects which make extensive use of higher-kinded types.

Thanks to newly arrived improvements in the compiler build process and SBT it is now dramatically easier to explore and work on compiler internals and use the results in existing Scala projects. Moreover the experience over the last year of activity and collaboration between other Typelevel projects means that we have a clearer idea of what new language features and compiler bug fixes are really of value to the community. The combination of these developments has lowered the barriers to participation in compiler development and provided focus.

In this talk, you will discover what's new in Typelevel Scala, learn how you can use it in your projects today, and explore the collaboration with the Scala team at Lightbend which is making this possible, and encourage you to get involved yourselves.

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Typelevel Scala Rebooted - Beginner

Miles Sabin

Miles has been doing stuff with Scala for more than ten years, currently with Underscore Consulting. He is a cofounder of Typelevel and his best known project, the Scala generic programming library shapeless, is the weapon of choice wherever boilerplate needs to be scrapped or arities abstracted over.