Screenplay pattern - a SOLID alternative to Page Objects

10th November 2016 in London at CodeNode

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The Screenplay Pattern, first created by Antony Marcano, is an alternative model to PageObjects. Today, it is growing in popularity with increasing tool support in popular testing frameworks.

PageObjects provide an easy-to-follow, simple structure that avoids early maintenance issues. They were introduced to help test-developers avoid mistaking flaky tests for problems with Selenium. But, PageObjects break some key OO design rules, making maintenance more difficult over time. They are a useful first step, but why do we stop there?

In this session you’ll learn about the SOLID design principles that PageObjects disregard. You’ll see why this leads to problems. You’ll see how and why PageObjects benefit from refactoring to SOLID design principles. Finally, you’ll meet the Screenplay Pattern – an alternative model based on SOLID principles that saves you the trouble.

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Screenplay pattern - a SOLID alternative to Page Objects

Antony Marcano

Antony Marcano has spent the better part of 20 years in technology and innovation. His experience includes delivering mobile apps, streaming media, telecommunications, e-commerce, web apps and more. With nearly 15 years experience of Agile methodologies (before they were called “Agile”), Antony now spends much of his time advising, coaching, consulting and guiding organisations in innovation, agility, lean values and culture, agile product development and agile software-development practices.