Scala Scripting - Intermediate

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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During this talk, you will discover a new script-file format for writing your Scala code. Unlike traditional Scala projects, which are built with SBT or Maven or Ant and edited inside your IDE, Scala Scripts do not need a "project" or "build tool" in order to run. You simply write your code in a single file, and run it. Need code in another script? Simply import it. Need a third-party library? You can import it too.

This greatly reduces the barrier to entry of automating common tasks via Scala, and allows Scala to be used for common housekeeping work at the command-line, much like Python or Ruby is used today. You will discover this Scala Scripting file format, explain how it works, and what place it could find in the Scala ecosystem today.

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Scala Scripting - Intermediate

Li Haoyi

Haoyi is a recent MIT Graduate. He spent his years in college trying to build websites, and wondered why it always felt like bashing your head against a brick wall. His current interest is in programming language/library/runtime work to try and solve once-and-for-all the annoying problems that have plagued his every attempt to make an interactive web application, and currently does his projects in Python and Scala. He now works at Dropbox.