Scala Services in Action - Beginner

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Microservices have become one of the main sweet spots for Scala development teams. What frameworks are out there to make delivery teams more productive? How do the stacks, stack up ? And what are the important factors for comparison?

In this talk, Kingsley and Sofia will share half a dozen of the main microservice frameworks, considering factors from ease of use and supporting documentation to programmer joy.

If you're new to microservices or the Scala framework landscape, or just want to see an interesting and fun presentation this is for you.

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Scala Services in Action - Beginner

Kingsley Davies

Kingsley is a Partner at Underscore consulting, and has spent over a decade designing, developing and supporting large scale systems for a number of clients including, Betfair, the BBC, Barclaycard and others that don't start with a B ;-) While working to make things better, he’s seen a steady evolution towards functional programming, a sharper focus on development operation teams and tools and decomposing big things into smaller composable things commonly called services.

Sofia Cole

Sofia is a software developer at ITV, working on building micro-services in Scala. Scala has been an exciting new challenge, and a skill she is keen to develop further. She enjoys doing fashion hacks based on social media, walks in Richmond park, and exploring London's best brunch spots.