Method reification and type-safety in a CQRS world - Intermediate

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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CQRS applications brings some new challenges for statically typed language lovers since a considerable amount of the modeling effort goes to the definition of Commands and Events as separated entities without direct connection with the main domain model classes.

The biggest challenge is how to model a domain as an Algebraic Data Type where its operations are modeled as Commands and Events (themselves also ADTs) and have everything defined as a cohesive, well-typed domain.

This can be achieved in different ways: using type parameters, type members or type classes. Each solution has its Pros and Cons that you will explore and discuss in detail.

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Method reification and type-safety in a CQRS world - Intermediate

Renato Cavalcanti

Renato Cavalcanti is an independent Scala developer based in Belgium. Coming from a totally different field (psychology), he discovered a passion for programming in 1999. Scala aficionado since 2009, he has been hacking in Scala and related technologies for fun and profit. He's the founder of BeScala and co-founder of Strong[Typed]​ .