Crafty Communications (Scala and Pesky People) - Beginner

8th December 2016 in London at Business Design Centre

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Effective development is all about communication - with other developers, with users, with managers(!). While this has always been true, the gap between the Scala true believers and the rest-of-the-world can sometimes feel cavernous.

During this talk, you will explore the use of code reviews (specifically Reviewing for Intent) in establishing a common culture and set of values which can adapt with changing conditions (and contrast against fixed standards in a language of constant change and variable idioms), contrast whether you should use experts or novices in reviews (and the extra challenges from functional programming!).

You will also discover the challenges in inheriting (and bequeathing) a Scala project between teams and attack the tricky issue of over engineering with a simple metrics based approach.

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Crafty Communications (Scala and Pesky People) - Beginner

Asher Glynn

Asher is a consultant with over 20 years experience in the IT industry, and will use the most appropriate technology at hand, be that Scala or Java, Javascript and when pushed Visual Basic and Excel. With strong hands on knowledge of performance and scale, exposure to platforms from mainframes to mobiles has taught him an appreciation for the subtleties of applying technology to difficult problems - be they technical or people challenges. Asher has had experience in a variety of organisations ranging from the BBC, GSMA, Betfair, Equens, Close Brothers and the TAB to small startups.